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HPRC cases used worldwide by professionals to protect and carry every kind of gear and equipment: photography, industrial, military, nautical, police and many others. HPRC provide total protection to the equipment inside them against dust, water, impacts and corrosion for chemical agents.

Barber Shop is a collection of authentic photo bags and accessories entirely designed and made in Italy. Barber Shop high-quality multifunctional bags and accessories are made using only selected Italian leathers, technical fabrics and offers top quality technical features. The unique style and versatility of Barber Shop bags make them perfect, both for men and women, also for daily life.

Plaber Distribution is a division of Plaber Srl, which has decided to invest in the search of foreign brands featuring the same strength and appeal used for its own brands to introduce names like Think Tank, Ona Bags and Peak Design in the Italian market. Nowadays Plaber has expanded its sales network including as well the outdoor/travel, babyhood and others market and it’s constantly looking for new innovative brands.

Plaber never stops! And it is always looking for progress and movement. Since its early days the company has cultivated principles that distinguished it as a highly qualified partner in the photographic sector and not only. Its mission is to bring the most innovative and professional products, and make them known all over the World. In the course of time the Italian company has always tried to expand its sales network through a widespread exportation and now is ready to do a step forward again, putting down fixed roots in the American continent: the country of innovation and creativity.

Plaber Srl is the official ONA distributor for Europe, Middle East and Africa. ONA is a purveyor of fine bags and accessories. Designed for and inspired by creative professionals, each ONA product is handcrafted using premium materials. Founded in 2010 and based in New York City, ONA takes great pride in crafting timeless designs that protect your essentials while complementing your style.

Shopping on is a continuous discovery, a fun journey to check the latest trends about photo, outdoor, travel, babyhood and others fields of the best brands. Mowooba is composed by a young and dynamic team ready to help and support you, providing an excellent customers service.